Shoutout – A Witness is Like an Angel!

Thank you so much to anyone who takes the time to stop at an accident and act as a witness. It’s amazing the feeling of helplessness you experience after an accident. This is even worst when the other people place all of the blame on you even though you know you did nothing wrong.

Today, with the freezing temperatures, Jay pulled in and provided his name and number as a witness. Just as if an angel walked up and cleared the darkness. Thank you for your kindness! I will forever stop to make sure eveyone at an accident is alright and offer any assistance I can.

(Submitted on December 18th at 5:42pm)



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  1. Tara Johnson Tara Johnson says:

    A couple of years ago I hit ice on the Henday, slammed into the concrete barrier and hit the ditch. A kind woman stopped, came and checked on me, called 911, and had me wait in her truck until the ambulance and police arrived. She told me she worked out of town and was on her way to see her daughter – she said she hadn’t seen her in a while and must have been very eager to get home. Yet she stopped and took the time to help me when she could have told herself that someone else in less of a hurry could do it. I will never forget that kindess.

  2. I stopped as a witness to an accident last year. The guy who was clearly in the wrong was a complete asshat to the people he hit and to the RCMP.
    I ended up going to court but boy, was a glad to testify (along with another person who stopped) and see that guy handed his smug ass on a platter by the judge.

  3. Maria Yayo Maria Yayo says:

    I helped a guy not lose everything, cause a woman crash into him and blamed him . I seen the whole thing one car length it could have been me. I was pregnant at the time I stopped gave my # and insurance and everything called me … I saved him he later called me to say I saved him and that he would give my family and I a dinner out in gift cards … never happened. .. left bad taste in my mouth .. lol I don’t think I’d bother again…

    • Wendy Ellis Wendy Ellis says:

      So, Maria Yayo- If you witness an accident and come forward there will be strings attached, you expect to get something like a dinner for your family! Sheesh, girl! Get real. you are a witness and should come forward without an expectation of anything, even if promised. Perhaps the young fellow had a string of bad luck and couldn’t afford it. Regardless, I find yourcomments insulting to all the rest of us who would do this without expecting anything except the satisfaction of providing accurate information out of the kindness of our hearts!

    • Maria Yayo Maria Yayo says:

      Which I did … and didn’t even expect a fuking call ok … he offered and didn’t follow through… is all I said .

  4. Remember with horrible conditions DONOT stop. Best thing u can do is call police. And say if they need a witness I’m the one. But you cause way more accidents if u pull over when road conditions are bad. Which we have yet had this year

  5. I’ve heard of a lot of red light collisions that go unresolved because one person is lying and no witnesses come forward. This could be anyone of us! If it ever happens to me because of a red light, my first priority (barring injuries, of course) is to pull in witnesses.

  6. It angers me when people do not stop…my daughter and her car was hit a couple of years ago at 11:30 at night and the guy who hit her took off (cops figure drunk driving or no insurance)…she was 18 and alone and a close to write off car and we were 30 min away…thankfully one kind man stopped and helped her as she was super rattled and scared…there were some that called the police too but the one who stopped I will always be grateful for.. This is part of looking out for each other and simply being kind humans..I decided that night that I will always stop..thankful there are other people out there who do too


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