Shoutout and a Huge Thanks to Three Kind Men for Helping with Car Troubles and Saving Me Tons of Money!

Yesterday morning my friend’s van broke down while driving our kids to day camp. After about 10 hours of diagnosing the problem and running around getting parts and supplies we finally gave up trying to fix it and were in the process of getting a tow arranged because we were unable to remove the broken piece.

As we were on the phone a nice man showed up with a friend and asked if we needed help and we explained the problem and what we needed to do. He instantly started helping and removed the broken piece. His friend left and got 2 other guys to come help.

They fixed the problem saving my friend at least $600 in labor and towing expenses and when she offered to pay them or buy them a case of beer or something for helping they just smiled and left. We never got their names but are very thankful to these 3 nice men who generously helped when we had given up.

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  1. This is a great shoutout.

  2. Derek Wood Derek Wood says:

    We need more of this in Edmonton instead of those idiot drivers cutting you off and then giving you the finger.
    Be the change you want to see in this world. If one arsehole can make a difference so can the good people.

  3. Oh gosh that’s so awesome!!!!

  4. Kris Grewal Kris Grewal says:

    These are the stories I love about the people in Edmonton!!! Still shows us to keep the faith!!! Kudos!!

  5. Awesome!! Well done men!

  6. that is awesome. way to go guys 🙂

  7. Faith in humanity restored!

  8. Faith in humanity temporarily restored!

  9. Lorin Lynne Lorin Lynne says:

    Not saying to trust everyone… but I remember being a young 19 year old girl stranded with a flat tire (nuts were air tightened and couldn’t take it off) by a 7-eleven that was closed for renovations. It was maybe 11pm?

    No cell phone (didn’t have one at the time) and tried calling home at a payphone but no one was home.

    Guys working on the 7-Eleven ended up asking me if I was okay and in the end had 6 guys trying to change my tire without me even asking. Best night ever.

  10. Joey Scherer Joey Scherer says:

    One of the best shouts ever. Bravo to these 3 men. 🙂 <3

  11. I love Edmonton!!!! Edmontonians are the bestest!!!!!

  12. That’s wonderful….now it’s your turn to pay it forward!

  13. Steven Owen Steven Owen says:

    These are the posts I want to see.


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