Shoutout – Thank You Jesus and Mike at City of Edmonton Drainage Operations; Lost Earring Found!

A huge and well deserved shoutout to Jesus and Mike from the City of Edmonton Drainage operations.

My mom was in town visiting today and when she stepped out of her vehicle she lost a very sentimental earring down the storm drain. We contacted the city via 311 and within the hour they had a crew out scooping the drain, they continued until they found the earring and even cleaned it up!

The entire time they were friendly and kind, we cannot express how absolutely grateful we are.

Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you!



16 Responses

  1. Amy Melby Amy Melby says:

    Wow, that’s absolutely amazing that they would do that! Way to go Jesus and Mike!

  2. Sean Foster Sean Foster says:

    Wow I like the city a little more now

  3. Mavis Adekat Mavis Adekat says:

    So nice of you to post there’s so much negativity you made my day

  4. Dave Ranch Dave Ranch says:

    Must be the only two city workers who work the rest just stand around watching

  5. Wow knew there was a reason I loved Edmonton.

  6. Please contact 311 again to put in a commendation for these employees if you haven’t done so already. Dave Ranch I’m offended by your comment. Look around at our parks, river valley, etc. who do you think maintains them?

  7. Is there a city worker named Jesus or are you thanking the lord god?

  8. What a great story! Awesome city workers!

  9. Evelyn Park Evelyn Park says:

    That’s awesome to hear. I’d definitely call back to make a commendation of them going the extra mile! 🙂

  10. shi says:

    wow! nice


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