Shoutout to All Who Support an End to Poverty Wages

With the Federal Election at hand, this is an opportune time to address “living wage” to minimum wage” increases. As our governments are well aware of what the living wage is for any given city in Canada, they also know the minimum wage averages several dollars below that amount.

I strongly feel that the minimum wage increase should automatically/legally apply to all those receiving less than the living wage. I’m sure I am not alone working for an employer who does not provide the minimum wage increase to those making slightly more than.

The result of this being my above minimum wage earning is actually decreasing and devaluing so that next year’s provincial increase will see my wage spiraling back to minimum wage. This translates to $2400 annually in lost income factoring in the previous and current increases not applied to my wage.

My rent has increased over 3 years by $4620 p/yr, nearly double income lost to wage deprivation of 7%. Most are aware of the increased cost of utilities and food, adding to the negative amount of disposable income to pay for basic living expenses.

If our government leaders are serious and genuine about WORKING CANADIANS being able to rise out of poverty, save for retirement and have enough emergency savings for a life altering event, then a living wage realistically should be law. Those working slightly above minimum but below living wage should not see wages devalued by the companies we work for. They get away with this because it’s legal.


CEO compensations soar while many of us eat less to pay the rent, let alone any medical or other necessary expenses. Canadian workers should not have to grovel, strike or fear job loss for speaking out, to rise out of poverty. Nor should workers have to join a union and pay dues for exorbitant union CEO salaries to accomplish a living wage for all working Canadians.

I have addressed this issue to the Facebook pages of Trudeau and Mulcair with as yet no response. I will address this more formally by physically writing to both candidates and see if I get any response. I hope some of this forum’s readers will do the same. It takes many voices to make a change.

Unless a LARGE MAJORITY of low wage workers demand Federal and Provincial political action to legalize a living wage and for now at least implementing the minimum increase to below living wage earners effective immediately, we will not prevail.

Thank you for reading and considering my views and a big Shoutout to all who support an end to poverty wages among workers in this very wealthy country of endless possibilities having the potential to set global standards for reducing poverty exponentially.

(Submitted on September 27th at 2:28pm)



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