Shoutout to AMA Insurance; Reminder to Shop Around for Insurance Pricing Every Now and Again

I shopped around for Insurance today on my car and home …after being with a company for over 15 yrs, I saved $750 per year for the same coverage.

Shout out to AMA Insurance.



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  1. Whaaat, maybe it’s time to shop around

  2. Shari Heiser Shari Heiser says:

    The only agency I’ll deal with.

  3. Matty Ge Matty Ge says:

    If you don’t shop around every renewal your getting hosed..

  4. Zoe Suvanto Zoe Suvanto says:

    I’m with ama and I get the most amazing deals better than my parents until they switched after seeing how much I pay for 2 vehicles And my house!

  5. AMA always gave me the most expensive quote.

  6. AMA was always the highest for us. Quoted me 600 for two cars. Got 278 at Birk Bilgen/Intact although higher deductable. Hated AMA customer service too.

  7. Dave Valente Dave Valente says:

    We did the same thing. A little shopping around and a couple calls saved us $120/month

  8. Shauna Snow Shauna Snow says:

    I go with TD insurance.

  9. Tara Floyd Tara Floyd says:

    Wow I saved over $1000 compared to AMA going with TD.

  10. Heather Hunt Heather Hunt says:

    I tried AMA, it was almost $600 more for same coverage 🙁 Keep shopping.

  11. Bryan Lat Bryan Lat says:

    ama imo is the worst. I went with intact and saved way more..

    • Matty Ge Matty Ge says:

      I was with intact… They dicked me around so many times…. Never again plus their ways of fixing YOUR car after an accident is by sending it to one of their shops that they discount labor and parts prices to get the job done cheaper than you’d want to know…

    • Bryan Lat Bryan Lat says:

      then you had the wrong claims person then. Also, they dont decide to what shop your vehicles goes it is up to you. unless you caused the collision. but it is all in the policies– but from what people also say here. ama is the worst.

    • Intact will provide you with a list of preferred shops that can get your vehicle fixed faster normally. It is up to the client where they would like to go though. If you like a different shop that’s fine just let them no where it is going. I was in an at fault accident and it went to where I preferred it to go. It was quick and easy and my claim was settled in a few weeks.

  12. I use a broker, every year they look for the cheapest and sign me up there. Way! BETTER !


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