Shoutout to John the LRT Operator!

I just wanted to say to John, the LRT Operator from this morning (Monday, January 4th, 2016) – THANK YOU! Thank you for providing a fun and interesting narrative on my ride this morning. Thank you for making everyone’s Monday a little brighter.

I had a rough morning, getting ready for work, missing my first bus, and so on. Your narrative on the LRT made me smile and I could see that it made a lot of other people smile too. I never see smiles when I get off the LRT at my stop every day. Today, almost everyone was smiling.

We need more people like you in the world, John. We need more people that work around and with the public to share joy.

So although we will likely never meet, I want to wish you, John, a wonderful day, a wonderful week, and a wonderful year. Keep doing what you’re doing because you do make a difference. Thank you.

I hope that more LRT operators and other people in the city can take a page out of your book.


(Submitted on January 4th at 8:37am)



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  1. I was on that train this morning. Got off at Health Sciences, just as we were getting into the “meat and potatoes” portion of the commute. John is an awesome transit operator!

  2. Daryl Lang Daryl Lang says:

    Super awesome that you took the time to shout out here! If you haven’t already, call 311 and give him a commendation. I was married to a bus driver for 6.5 years (I’m still married, he’s no longer a driver), and it made his day when passengers recognized the job he did. It will go into John’s permanent employment file, so please do this if you haven’t already!

  3. Geoff Taylor Geoff Taylor says:

    Shared it. Should get back to him.

  4. That wonderful! and yes call 311 as Daryl suggested….give him the recognition he deserves!

  5. Edmonton Transit System (ETS) this guy is awesome! He should totally get kudos!

  6. Stacy Price Stacy Price says:

    I am listening to John on the LRT right now! And also had him this morning! I agree! What an awesome human being! 🙂

  7. Leah Bidney Leah Bidney says:

    I was on John’s LRT this morning as well…it sure made my Monday morning!

  8. My hubby has been on the train a couple of times recently and mentioned how cool it was to have this driver as well. Kudos to him for brightening people’s day!

  9. What a great post 🙂 Well done, John the LRT guy!

  10. Lol that’s awesome that so many people have heard him, especially in one day. It’s awesome that he has so much to say that he can entertain people all day! Good for him for trying to brighten up other people’s day and make the most of his job by spreading happiness and humour.

  11. I had the same driver in November and I had the same comments as you. I have never seen so many people on the train smiling and enjoying his enthusiasm and love of his job and this city. I wrote to ETS regarding John and they said they passed my comments on to his supervisor and him. I suggest you make a commendation to them as well so he can hear how he touches people.

  12. Edmonton Journal a feel good story on him would be nice! CTV Edmonton

  13. Catherine says:

    Yes they do receive


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