Shoutout to Off Duty Fire Fighter and Edmonton Fire Rescue!

A family member from the USA has been staying with us this week, and today she had borrowed a car to take her two little boys swimming (New Years Eve). On the way home, they were T- boned by a young lady who had been speeding and lost control of her car and crossed the center line and hit them. She called, and we showed up right away (after she phoned police of course). When we showed up on the scene, an off duty fire fighter had stopped to assess the scene and control traffic passing by.

This was very appreciated since she had 2 little boys with her who were quite shaken up. The fact that you could have driven by, but you stopped to help will stick with us forever. The fire rescue showed up soon after and did a really great job of keeping both the kids calm and the other driver that was involved calm as well. Thank you Fire rescue for all that you do!! Nobody was seriously hurt thankfully!



4 Responses

  1. That’s amazing good for him. Last year when my vehicle was written off I watched more then one on duty cop drive by with out wondering if we were ok. The worst memory I have so I’m glad you guys had a great man to help

    • You never know what they were heading to, police are pretty busy so more than likely they were heading to a call. They could have gotten in shit for stopping to assist you well they had another call to go to, unless you called them of course….

    • Yes I understand that I’m just thankful everyone was OK.

  2. Not all heroes wear capes. ^_^ I’m glad that nobody was seriously hurt! Stay safe.


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