Shoutout to Some Wonderful Helpers!

Huge shoutout to the wonderful group of people who stopped to help a man who slipped and fell on 66 St near 128 Ave at 1pm today (Feb.5).

It was so nice to see so many cars stop, strangers run across the street and people help him back on his feet. Faith in humanity restored once again!



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  1. Wendy Lee Wendy Lee says:

    That’s good. I fell on the road and couldn’t get up in front of Kingsway on 109 street a few years ago. When the light changed people drove around me (in front and behind me) coming very close to hitting me while honking at me. I had to crawl to the curb where another pedestrian eventually came by and helped me. Always offer assistance to someone who has fallen they could really need it.

  2. Awesome ! That’s so good to hear! Falling can seriously hurt someone. I fell and smashed both my knees and couldn’t get up at all it was night time so no one was around. I sat for an hour trying to get control of my legs again.

  3. I’m so happy someone was able to help this elderly man, poor guy. Hopefully he wasn’t hurt. God bless to those who stopped. I won’t tell you about a time I fell because that’s not what this post is supposed to be about. Stop trying to outdo the story, it’s pathetic.

  4. Laurie Coops Laurie Coops says:

    That might have been my sisters, they said they helped a man who fell. Nevertheless, good job helping!!

  5. Jean Freeman Jean Freeman says:

    Good people out there!


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