Shoutout to the Lady at Misericordia Hospital for Getting My Uncle Some Water, and For Allowing Me to Go First

Shout out to the lady who took it out of the kindness of her heart to get a water for my uncle at Misericordia Hospital tonight.

I wanted my uncle to have a drink of the ice water because it’s so tasty!!, so that nurse gave me a Dixie cup worth instead of one of their plastic cups???

Hahaha, anyway yeah she was standing in line waiting to see the triage nurse and let me bud her… Not many ppl do this that I’ve come across!!!

Thanks girl, muchly appreciated!!! 🙂



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  1. I was told to only have a tiny sip of water after my c-section, when the nurse left I drank a cup full, I was soooo thirsty, always listen to the nurse, they tell us things because they KNOW, I puked.

  2. Bryce Dickey hahahaha

  3. Depending on what he is there for, he may not be allowed to have much on purpose.. :/ especially if it’s surgery related.

  4. Bryce Dickey Bryce Dickey says:

    yea…. probably wasnt supposed to have water… she wasnt being a dick

  5. When patients come into the ER they often keep the patients from eating and drinking so their stomachs are empty in case they need tests or emergency surgery. Health care staff don’t get anything for giving you a little cup of water vs a big cup, we still have to walk the same distance and do the same amount of work to get it for you. If the nurse only gave a small cup of water it’s because that’s all he was allowed to have. Hopefully that woman giving him the big cup didn’t prolong any testing or his stay in the ER.

  6. that person let you :”butt in” not bud in. Bud in does not make sense. Signed: Grammar Police. Seriously though I hope all is well.


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