Shoutout to the Staff at Westmount Tim Hortons

A Shoutout to the manager at the Westmount Tim Horton’s (Tammy, I think her name was) and this is long overdue….

About 4 or 5 months ago, my mom was using the restroom and she had taken her family ring off to wash her hands (a ring she just picked up that day which she ordered 3 months prior). Mom was not used to wearing a ring so of course she forgot to place it back on her finger.

After about 45 mins had gone by, she realized she had left it at the location. We drove back there, about an hour had already past by, our hopes were diminishing quickly. It had not been returned. The look on my mom’s face was heartbreaking and I felt so terrible for her.

A day later, still no word, at this time my mom was starting to accept the fact that she will never see it again. On the 2nd day, I called early in the morning and asked to speak with a manager, Tammy and explained to her what had happened.

She listened to everything I said, took down the details of the ring, asked for the times and then told me she would be speaking to all of her employees including the ones who had worked that evening and she would call me back.


I didn’t expect to hear back from her so quickly, in fact that same day, afternoon, is when she called me back, stating one of her employees from that evening took it home as she didn’t want to leave it without locking it up in the safe.

She returned it back to management upon her next shift. I was beyond impressed with the service from Tammy (I hope that was her name).

My mom was very surprised and needless to say, now she keeps her ring in a very safe place.

Cheers to those honest people we have working in the retail industry!!!

(Submitted on September 4th at 1:55pm)



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  1. You should have got the name of the employee who found the ring also as she/he was the initial person to find the ring and kept it safe until their next shift, this is the person who needed the first shoutout and the Manager second as the Manager done a fabulous job of looking into matter’s right away, just my thoughts

  2. I think someone deserves a reward for this amazing effort

    • No one should deserve a reward for being an honest person, just my opinion. We should be honest for the sake of being honest.

    • Try to find an honest person,few and far in between.People rarely hold the door for you,and people dont say thank you when you hold the door open for them.But its nice when some random person helps someone out,i go with the”pay it forward”quota in life!

  3. Pat Scott Pat Scott says:

    does ones heart good to hear this story. there are good people in the world.


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