Shoutout to the Staff of our Nation’s Best Library

To all of you who work for the Edmonton Public Library. I have so much positive to say about all of you!

To the staff member I spoke to on the phone; you were so helpful! You helped me get the answer I needed in very little time.

To the staff in the Maker Space at the S. Milner branch; wow, you helped me figure out how to do what I needed to do, AND you were there as support the whole time. Without being asked, you showed my 7 year old son some amazing things and he can’t wait to go back. You explained to him about the different technology and programs available to him.

To the staff in the children’s section; when my son asks a question, he is always helped efficiently and is made to feel great about reading. Thank you!

To all the staff that man the desks in the libraries I have been to: I am always impressed at how you handle the massive array of personalities and people that come to you for help. I have seen you put up with verbal abuse and grouchy people, I have seen you deal with distraught patrons, I have seen you smile time and again in the face of all of this. We all have our bad days, and I applaud you for how you keep going despite the negative.


So thank you to ALL the EPL staff out there who help to inform, entertain, and educate the population of our city.



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  1. Joanne Simms Joanne Simms says:

    Edmonton Public Library You should know about this. 🙂

  2. I go to the library at least every week. I have never had a bad experience. I will ask where a book would be and they will walk me over (even after saying I don’t need them to leave the computer, they will say “oh it’s no problem”) they will suggest other books along the lines of what I’m looking at.
    I used to go to reading time with my mom and brother when we were little. I’ve been a member since they would stamp the card in the back of the book. Lol.

  3. I love the library 🙂


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