Shoutout to theNice Man Who Helped Me with My Car Troubles

As a new driver I was having trouble with my car overheating. I was sitting at the Superstore on 137 avenue & 128 st with my kids in the car & the hood up.

Lots drove by as I sat there.

A older man in a truck stopped and offered me assistance and figure out the problem! I want to shout out to him and say thank you for all the help & my car is back to its working order!



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  1. Dave Ranch Dave Ranch says:

    I always stop when I see a Collison or stalled auto even if it means blocking more traffic cause I love blocking traffic

  2. If your gonna stay in your car most people are gonna assume you have someone coming. At the least it looks like you don’t want help. Happy it worked out for you all the same though.

  3. Kim Davis Kim Davis says:

    Yay for the man in the truck! 🙂

  4. Now days everyone assumes because of cell phones that you have called AMA. Need to look like you need help.

  5. Dave Ranch Dave Ranch says:

    The other day taking my dogs to the park I came across a collison just happened and I stopped and called 911 and stayed for awhile I even left a couple of my own traffic cones so they wouldn’t get ‘re hit and on my way home police were on scene so I picked up my cones

  6. Vanessa Pare Vanessa Pare says:

    Yeah for having good people still around in the world

  7. Sitting in ur car will not get u help


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