Shoutout to Those that Help Others, Just Because

I saw the post about doing something positive, and I couldn’t help but remember a time a couple years back that a young woman with dark curly hair bought a bottle of water for a lady that was getting sick in a garbage can outside of the old Kingsway Transit Centre. I was standing within hearing distance, and I heard them talking. Turns out that the woman we all thought was drunk was just actually really sick with the flu and had no other way to go get food donations for her kids downtown. I felt terrible about the jokes I had laughed at that people were making about the “old drunk”. The young woman sat down with the lady and helped hold her hair back when she got sick once more until the right bus came. That always stood out in my mind. There are angels among us who don’t care if someone is a drunk or not… They just care for everyone without question. I try to remember to do the same ever since.



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  1. I have been sick so many times in public and not once has anyone asked if I’m okay or anything. They all give this look as if I’m drunk or diseased. Rare breed of people who do that sort of thing for sure

  2. April Hills April Hills says:

    Even if she was drunk, she’s still a person. Everyone deserves to be taken care of.

  3. Kayla Walker Kayla Walker says:

    I threw up outside of the red cross blood bank by the university due to morning sickness. I had to run off the bus because I was so nauseated and so many people made disrespectful comments. I shook it off because obviously I wasn’t Drunk… it’s sad people just try to think the worst of others.

  4. “its not the addict that needs to change but how society views the addict” Gabor Maté <3


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