Shoutout to WestJet and One of its Flight Attendants

Was on a WestJet flight coming home and wanted to buy a snack with cash as I had no credit card on me. The flight attendent informed me that it’s credit card only.

She proceeded to say that I could give her the cash and she would just put it on her credit card, now that’s a kind person giving exceptional service.


Thank you! Wish there was more kindness out there like that.



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29 Responses

  1. Westjet rules! When my FIL died suddenly, westjet was incredible in getting us to NOVA SCOTIA asap including offering to hold a plane that was leaving Toronto in 90 minutes f we wanted to be on it when I called.

  2. Celeste Yu Celeste Yu says:

    Westjet is the best!

  3. I LOVE west jet…. the first time my little one flew, we were letting her listen to her music (frozen) when the flight attendant informed her that she could not listen to the music while we were taking off… but she did tell my daughter, that she would be back so they all could sing Frozen…. 20 short minutes later, the whole crew came back and they all sang let it go at the top of their voices….. and every chance they got, they would stop and talk to her about the movie… they made my little ones day… and mine too…. thank you West Jet

  4. Nadia Frank Nadia Frank says:

    My mom does this often at work. They only take debit and credit so she often puts forms on her personal cc !!

  5. Westjet over Air Canada any day!

  6. #westjet is AMAZING!!!!!

  7. Amber Morin Amber Morin says:

    They are the only carrier I will fly with. We have travelled quite a bit in the past with out children, and WestJet has always been amazing.
    A friend and I were travelling together to Hamilton, and our flight was cancelled from Calgary due to weather. WestJet had us re routed to TO, re
    Booked our car rental, called our hotel to let them know we would be late arriving, gave us vouchers for meals, AND then offered us a decent credit.
    It was beyond what we had expected.

    • Coming home Nova Scotia our flight was canceled due to mechanical trouble. Westjet put us up in a hotel for the night gave us $300 in food vouchers and refunded a portion of the flight for the inconvenience.

  8. Ashlee Dawn Ashlee Dawn says:

    #Westjet is amazing!! My cousin’s girlfriend was released and cleared from her oncologist (breast cancer) 3 days before they left for Vegas so my other cousin called Westjet and told them the story. They upgraded my cousin and her to first class and all the free food and drinks they wanted!!! So awesome!!

  9. Love WestJet!!!! I will only fly with them!!!

  10. See what I wrote on the FB page yesterday!

  11. WestJet is simply the best! I love flying with them.

  12. Lori Bertosa Lori Bertosa says:

    Westjet is awesome.

  13. That’s westjet! The BEST!

  14. Westjet could have went a step further and not charged you.

  15. Kim Wakeman Kim Wakeman says:

    When my Grandma was on life support west jet got us on the red eye a few hours later. Previously Air Canada lost my luggage -that had my meds In it and had to go to hospital to get meds and almost missed my cruize to Alaska.


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