Small Cluster of Brown Spots Inside my Toddlers Mouth

Has anyone ever had a small cluster of brown spots on the inside of their cheek? My 3 year old told me her cheek hurt so I grabbed a flashlight and looked, it is nothing I have ever seen or heard of before.

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I will be taking my daughter to the doctor, but I am a bit worried and was curious if anyone else has had something similar?



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12 Responses

  1. I’ve bitten the inside of my cheek in my sleep before and woke up with small blood blisters that look like small brown spots. Hopefully it’s nothing serious

  2. Call Health Link!!

  3. Ever eat a Freezie so aggressively that the plastic cuts the inside of your cheek? I doubt its that.

  4. Maybe she’s bitten it accidentally?

  5. Leigh Oswin Leigh Oswin says:

    I think the best bet is to ask Dr. Shoutout. Next best is Dr. Google.

  6. Brenlee Rose Brenlee Rose says:

    Check her hands and feet for teeny blisters. Could be Hand/foot/mouth disease, quite painful!

  7. Best to just go to the doctors since they probably know best and it would suck to think its something and try treating it as that and find out you aggravated whatever it is.

  8. Scott Gill Scott Gill says:

    Just google the symptoms. Nothing bad has ever come from that.

  9. Yeah that kinda sounds like something you should ask a doctor.

  10. Call health link. They’re much better at this than us, and could save you a trip to the doc.

  11. She’s probably biting the inside of her cheek. That does hurt!!


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