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11 Responses

  1. Bu Som says:

    Carlisle is the WORST builders to do business with

  2. Everyone here Drives like an idiot ….welcome to Earth.

  3. David says:

    Jesus. I’ve been in men’s washrooms during concerts when women came in. They’re inside stalls, anyone who wants to pee next to me go ahead, 75% of the men in know whip it out and pee in public, what’s the big deal. Women’s bathrooms all have stalls, so that’s what bathrooms should look like, ban urinals is what I say. As far as the National anthem, I’m not offended, I am offended by small minded uptight misogynistic bigots. Get over it.

  4. Peter Kallen says:

    June 24, 2016
    Had a World Vision pitch at my door last evening at 5:30PM. The usual shove of pictures of children. I told her I contributed years ago and then got deluged with donation requests every time a disaster occurred in the world and I quit because of that. I also told her that coming around at this time of day, when people are just getting home from a frustrating time at work, when they are hungry, tired, angry, pissed off, is not a good time to canvass for donations. I told her to try the neighbors, maybe she will have better luck. Another thing I should have told her was, at this time of month when people are getting low on funds, waiting for the next payday, is not a good time to come around for donations.


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