Thank you, Denny’s

My friend and I were just eating breakfast at the Denny’s on Stony Plain Rd and the girl next to our booth fell to the floor and started having a seizure. Without hesitation, my friend got down and made sure the girl didn’t bang her head on the floor. I called out to the staff to call an ambulance. We just did what we could to help. The seizure didn’t last long and the girl was able to sit back down.

The assistant manager, Jen was right there making sure she was ok and putting a rush on her food so she could eat and start to feel better. Then she came to our table and thanked us for helping, stating that too often people just look the other way. She was so grateful that she took our bill and said this is on us. I hope Denny’s knows how lucky they are to have such a compassionate person on their team and I know that Jen’s kindness will definitely make me pay it forward. There is good in people, and today was the day my friend and I were reminding of that.

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  1. That’s so scary! I’m glad the lady is ok…….I think most of the time, these situations bring out the best in people. Merry Christmas!

  2. And I’m off too Denny’s on stony plain! After Christmas of course!

  3. That actually just hapoened to me at London Drugs on 51 Ave and 105 St. last Monday. So thankful to the pharmacist and assistant manager there for taking care of me.

  4. Colleen Rowe Colleen Rowe says:

    Way to go Jen. Just knowing Dennys has amazing staff like her makes me want to support them.

  5. Thank you all for helping her. I too have seizures and even though I’m unconscious at the time, I very self-conscious about the gawkers that basically just do nothing and crowd around. I once had some Sobey’s employees help me and I called a couple of days later to make sure the manager could thank this unknown person for me.

  6. Oh, wow….good on you. Too true, many would look the other way. This once happened when I was working as a midnight clerk at a convienience store, and it can be scary for everyone! Happy the outcome was a good one.

  7. i LOVE the denny’s on stony plain. the staff are always super friendly and quick to correct errors (of which there are few).

  8. As someone whose suffered from epilepsy and seizures, thank you for doing what you did.

  9. I have seizures too, it’s not often people help out. Thank you for doing what you did, it means a lot.


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