Thank you Random Stranger!

I would like to say thank you to the random stranger who pulled over on the side of hwy 16 on December 23 at 11pm so that we could warm up in his truck while we waited for AMA.

We were in a minor accident and had to wait for a tow truck, we were standing outside in the cold on the side of a dark icy Highway for about 30 minutes before he drove by and offered us help.

He even offered to drive us into the city if we had to leave the vehicle for a tow truck, but the tow truck came 30 minutes later.

It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but nobody stopped to offer help and we really appreciate your kindness! We didn’t even catch your name. We just want to say thank you again, you are awesome! Keep being you!



5 Responses

  1. I always thank my randoms.

  2. Jean Freeman Jean Freeman says:

    Karma will be kind to him

  3. It amazes me sometimes that not too many people stop to help.We were in an accident and only 1 driver stopped to check on me and kids.The driver of the 16-wheeler, who we had an accident with, did not even bother to come to my car and see if everyone was ok….So it is great to hear stories like that when a stranger stops to help!

  4. Those are the angels. I had a Similar situation and I thank god for that !

  5. It was your Christmas Angel


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