This is a Reminder to Speeders Complaining About Receiving Tickets; Europe and England Have it Worse

Just be thankful we don’t live in Europe… Or England.. Where speed fines are 1-3% of your last year’s gross income…

Then that way people that get a 1-10000 fine might think again… Even the rich. – Anonymous



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  1. I wish that happened here..maybe then superstar drivers would think twice about speeding

  2. Dave Valente Dave Valente says:

    Be runnin a lot more then. Good excuse to make the car faster

  3. Insane. Why do people vote bureaucrats like that in?

  4. Speeding isn’t the problem
    Its idiots who can’t drive who cause traffic jams then when someone comes ungluded on them its like they never caused it
    Put your phone down
    Move with traffic an stop being so stuuupid

  5. Bryan Lat Bryan Lat says:

    ya I wish that was here maybe the young kids and also oil and gas people would slow down a bit.

  6. Alex Shipman Alex Shipman says:

    I’m English and usually it was £60 and 3pts (12 points and you lose your license) I have not lived there for 3 years though do this may be new?

    • They are still as you said they were as of today. Not sure where this person gets their facts. Plus photo radars in Europe are highly visible with enormous signs letting you know they are coming up!

    • Alex Shipman Alex Shipman says:

      I know on the motorway they have lots of average speed cameras around a mile apart so if you get there to quick they know your speeding

  7. Really??? They are ruthless out there when it comes to driving too. We go so slow compared to them. I’m surprised anyone would be risking a ticket yet they are still aggressive and fast drivers. Europe anyways..

  8. Its more that people in alberta just fuckup any move you can do in a car

  9. Here in Switzerland, if you are caught going over 150 km per hour, they just take your license for three months.
    No dispute either, you can’t fight it.

  10. You do realise that Europe is not a country? lol. Laws are as different as the different cultures and languages. Oh, and England is a part of Europe still 😀


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