To the Lady at K-Days who gave my Kids some Prizes

We were just leaving K-days when this lady randomly came up to us and handed my son a Super Mario Luigi and my daughter a prize stuffed animal. Thank you! You made my kids evening!

We did not play any carnival games as we tend to lose and not have much luck and my kids were pretty disappointed. Your kindness did not go unnoticed and we really appreciate it!

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13 Responses

  1. what a wonderful day for your kids 🙂

  2. Trevor Rice Trevor Rice says:

    Stories like this are so very heartwarming to me…they are always great to read!

  3. Kids always win a prize on the games at kdays.

    • Kole Dupe Kole Dupe says:

      Depends on the person running the game

    • depends on whos running the game and if its a kid like game most of the ones that kids win everytime have signs that say so

    • In the kids area they do and there are several on the midway that do but yes depends on the person running the game to.

    • Not the case. My son played a game in the kids area (water game) and he didn’t win and wasn’t given nothing

    • There’s prize every time games at every carnival. The water gun game only the winner gets the prize because they give out bigger stuff animals to the winner. Prize every time games you get what you pay for and have to trade up. My parents use to own a carnival I was a carnie kid till I was 12. Best life ever.

    • And no doesn’t depend on the person it depends if it’s a prize every time game. Doesn’t matter kids section or not. You’ll hear the carnie person yelling out “prize every time time $2 to play 2$ to win” or whatever the price may be. When I was younger I use to work at some of the games that my parents owned back in Ontario. Every carnivals the same. Just different games and rides and some bigger than others. Lol right dad Albert Griessmeier?

  4. We had people give us some ride tickets on their way out yesterday and last week on the train, someone gave my son a stuffed animal. Kdays people rock ☺

  5. A kind lady gave me 2 free admission passes. I wasn’t planning on going but then decided to go. We had a blast. People are so kind!


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