To the Man at Northgate Walmart

To the man at northgate Walmart on Nov 24 in the evening. My daughter and her boyfriend took my last $20 to go buy a few groceries. You saw them counting their groceries and gave them $20 extra to buy a few more things.

ANOTHER GREAT POST:  Shoutout to Diane at 'Wee Piggies & Paws Edmonton'

Thank you kind sir! If only there were more like you in this world. I am on disability and unable to make ends meet these days. Your small act of kindness was huge to us. Made me cry.



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22 Responses

  1. It is so good when somebody helps you out. I know because it has happened to me too.

  2. Beautiful and kind gesture!

  3. Love to hear the Positive stories…

  4. Love this! Bless this man!

  5. Bren Kambo Bren Kambo says:

    Love this story although I feel for the women and her children having to do this period (count out goods versus costs) yet love the ending of a wonderful, ‘good Samaritan’ stepping up especially at this time of year to help ‘another’❤️

    It certainly beat what I witnessed at my part time job this week:
    A mother being led out in handcuffs by police for theft; I feel for her children more; one can make ‘a choice’ vs consequences as each of these mothers did (the one in this story vs the one at my retail employ) and which both yielded very different outcomes.

  6. It doesn’t take much to show some kindness to someone, but it might mean a lot to that person.

  7. That is awesome! Bless that man.

  8. What an awesome guy ♡♡

  9. All the ugliness we see on a daily basis it is sure nice to here a story as this one. God Bless!!

  10. Troy Salai Troy Salai says:

    Only on the #NORTHSIDE!

  11. Wendy Ellis Wendy Ellis says:

    Such a lovely feel-good story! It’s so nice to read about humans caring, offering hope and a smile. So tired of the trolls, bullying etc! Thank you so much for sharing your story!

  12. Teresa Adam Teresa Adam says:

    Nice to hear a positive story.

  13. Thank you for sharing.

  14. This right here ❤️

  15. Sarah Munroe Sarah Munroe says:

    Amazing made me cry also❤️

  16. Angel Sumka Angel Sumka says:

    What an awesome guy!


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