Treated unfair at work/bullying?

I work with this one girl who rolls her eyes/no eye contact when I ask her a question, and the way she responds to me is rude. When I walk away she quietly makes remarks to another employee about me.

Anytime I talk to her it’s usually always a negative response. I am learning the job and getting better day by day, but what bothers me is that she makes it so that any question I ask, is always a negative response and makes it hard for me to ask her because of that negative response and I’m afraid it’s effecting my work.

Like I mentioned above, I am new to the job. I’ve talked to management about this a few months ago and the response I got was “she’s not used to someone new”, “try socializing more with her..”. In my opinion, those are just excuses. I’m not going to kiss her ass just to be treated fairly. I don’t think being at your job for 5-6 years/longer than anyone else makes you entitled to make somebody feel like crap or uncomfortable for asking a question.

What are my options other than finding a new job? Is this considered bullying?



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  1. LS Lau LS Lau says:

    If management doesn’t take your complaint seriously and blow it off as “you should socialize more”. I would go up a step higher and make a fuss!! It’s not ok to be bullied at work whether you’re new or not…

    • Negativity is not the same as bullying….i have watched this exact same scenario play out in my office and the new person was not respecting the veterans experience. Takes two to tango

    • LS Lau LS Lau says:

      True it does take two!! But we don’t know the other side of the story… she maybe a newbie, but if she so chooses not to listen… Let natural consequences take over!!

  2. Speak up for yourself. Tell her you’re still learning, and the more constructive she can be with her answers instead of giving you attitude, the faster you’ll learn.

  3. She may know that you went to management about it hence the hostility. Good luck

  4. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this, and that you’re feeling uncomfortable at work! Bullying comes in many forms, and it’s not ok. Can I make a suggestion of documenting everything that you’ve tried, and maybe try having a conversation with this person with your manager there. If this doesn’t work, or the manager doesn’t want to assist you in dealing with this, then it’s time to go to another level. I would recommend everything be in writing as much as us possible.
    If you need more guidance or just need someone to talk to about this please feel free to pm me! Good luck!

  5. Marc Cornies Marc Cornies says:

    Wow Newsflash. Not everyone is going to be nice to you. That’s life. Time to toughen up a bit. And no it’s not bullying.

  6. Derek Walsh Derek Walsh says:

    Sounds like a woman I used to work with. A real bitch. If management doesn’t do anything I’d suggest looking for a new job because it won’t get any better

  7. I worked with a girl similar to that I would have straight up conversations with her and she literally ignored me..i was tgere for about 10 yrs more than her..i didn’t go to management I tried to talk to her myself it didn’t work though…and thankfully she no longer works there so it worked out for me in the end

  8. I’d straight up ask her what the problem is. Ask her if it’s normal for her to be a bitch all the time or if it’s just for new people. Then strive for excellence, fly past probation period with no issues and get HER promotion.


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