Video: Edmonton Oilers – A Beautiful Pain

We still love you, Oilers, but maybe it’s time to kick it up a notch? 🙂 – Jody

TheHockeyChannelHD on YouTube writes: “Over the last 5 years the Edmonton Oilers have been an example of how a rebuild can go wrong. Taylor Hall has entered his fifth season since first overall in 2010 and has never had a sniff of the playoffs. Frustration has been building in Oil Country especially in the last two years as management’s promises to the fans have come up short. Edmonton’s young kids come into this season with the most amount of adversity yet. They have continously disappointed the expectations of the fans that once saw Gretzky, Messier, and Coffey rule the league. This video describes the situation and gives hope to those whose expectations have been neglected. This is the Edmonton Oiler’s “Beautiful Pain.”

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– In the beginning I showed clips of the Oiler’s historic legacy to show what expectations this new generation has to live up to.

“Yesterday was the tornado warning, today’s like the morning after” I showed with Edmonton’s final playoff appearance losing to the Carolina Hurricanes in game 7 of the Cup Final. This is considered the starting point of the Oiler’s demise.

“Rebuilding is still a work in progress” shows Darnell Nurse and how after drafting Sam Gagne in 2007 the franchise has moved no where and is still drafting top picks…” (See the rest via YouTube)



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