When should I tell my Employer?

So I just found out recently I’m pregnant with my second. ( My first is 12 years old) I’m currently 2 months pregnant and I’ve been at my job for a year and a half.

Obviously being pregnant, am going to a few more doctor appointments than usual.

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When is an appropriate time to tell my employer? Gosh i’s been a long time since I’ve been pregnant, so this a legitimate question to me.



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20 Responses

  1. I would say you can probably inform your employer the same time that you would typically tell everyone else. After the first trimester.

    Doctors appointments tend to pick up the further along you are so it shouldn’t really be an issue until then.

  2. After first trimester i would

  3. Jenny Galka Jenny Galka says:

    I left telling my employer until I was around 4 months. I wanted to make sure my family knew before i started telling people. Also, if you’re working in certain industries (dealing with x-rays, heavy lifting, etc.) I would suggest letting someone know earlier to keep you and babe healthy.

  4. Mandy Morgan Mandy Morgan says:

    There’s no standard time. Some people like to wait until the first trimester is over, others wait until they are actually showing, but legally I think you only have to give like 4 weeks notice before taking maternity leave. Obviously most people let their employers know way before, I think it would be respectful to give more notice so they can prepare for it.

  5. Told my family after the first trimester told work about a month after that. I would say the only thing to be aware of it that you tell your boss before you tell the other people you work with

  6. Depends on your type of job !
    But once you’ve told the people you want to know, I’d say when ever you want to !

  7. Whenever you feel comfortable to do so. You’re a human being and you should be treated like one.

  8. You can tell them when you are ready. I told my employer early due to safety reasons. But otherwise it’s up to you.

  9. Angie Ransom Angie Ransom says:

    I told mine after I passed into the second trimester. I basically waited to tell anyone that wasn’t close until I was out of the main “danger zone”.

  10. Trina Deagle Trina Deagle says:

    Your doctors appointments will only be every 4 weeks until about 30 weeks, then they start to increase to every 2 weeks until 36 and then once a week. (I work for a group of prenatal doctors and this is what they go by) You have lots of time before doctors appointments start to become an issue. Tell them once you have told your family and are comfortable with doing so. The only reason I would say tell them right away is if you are dealing with x-rays, or hard physical labor where you are using your stomach muscles a lot.

  11. Debbie Ryder Debbie Ryder says:

    I told mine when I was 5 months lol

  12. Tell your employer, and do your best to schedule your appointments on your days off, or as late in the day as possible. You get your work schedule well in advance, and same with appointments, so give fair notice to your employer. Don’t leave it until the day before, then tell your boss you have an appointment the next day.

  13. Right away is a good idea….. why hold out that info? They can’t let you go. FYI I believe you need to give 6 month notice to your leave…..

  14. Kathy Rybock Kathy Rybock says:

    I told mine at 5 weeks. But I was violently ill and people were starting to worry about my health.
    But the standard is to tell them when you would normally tell everyone else.

  15. I told mine immediately

  16. Kelly Smith Kelly Smith says:

    told mine month before i was due so they had time to find a fill in that i could train while off


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