Where are all my lonely peeps at

Lonely, Virgin, 28 yr old female. I feel so lonely to the point where I don’t even yearn for a sexual partner anymore, I just want to be held in someone’s arms who cares for me.

Any lonely peeps out here who know how to cope with such chronic depression, and any ways to keep my mind busy.

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Please no judgements life’s already a pain as it is.



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30 Responses

  1. Tre Hack Tre Hack says:

    Can’t even tell what’s legit and what’s trolling on this page anymore.

  2. Ayyyyy waddap girl

  3. Charity work, just doing kind things for others is nice when you suffer from depression. Finding your own hobby that makes you feel good. I personally took up an aqua fit class and it makes me feel better with my depression. Seeing a therapist/psychologist also helps. Keeping busy but also knowing when to slow down and take time for yourself is also important.

  4. Weed no joke it also brings on your creativity side.

  5. Find a hobby. Volunteer. Just get out of the house and you can meet someone those ways.

  6. Bob Rox Bob Rox says:

    sending a big ((HUG)) your way..

  7. Chris Dumais Chris Dumais says:

    6 pack of black ice will hold you and keep you warm during the lonely nights.

  8. Sharon Swan Sharon Swan says:

    I hear where you are coming from …

  9. Brandy Wells Brandy Wells says:

    Awww poor girl I would hire a cuddler in that case

  10. Sean Matthew Sean Matthew says:

    PM me just to chat if you like. Your never completely alone.

  11. Frank Yurich Frank Yurich says:

    Having this conversation on facebook was a good start now keep going get up get out and take a deep breath of that cold air it will make you feel Alive

  12. If you need a friend to hang out with I’m game… pm me.

  13. Alexis Musik Alexis Musik says:

    There was a 28 year old virgin on here a few weeks ago. Maybe u two can hook up, get drunk and pop your cherries together!

  14. Keep your mind and your hands busy and create something productive to where you know that you have talent and knit a blanket or develop even more talent by opening your spirit up to allow to give yourself a boost of confidence ,, but being a virgin is one of the most great things and as you can see that there is a few people on here that is willing to help u and to be your friend and if u want to speak or send messages to a guy !!!!! I would be glad to listen to anything that you have to say or anything you would like to talk about as a friend

  15. Steven Owen Steven Owen says:

    It’s that stupid Ed Sheeran song, isn’t it? It definitely makes us single people feel the crushing weight of loneliness.

  16. Kenda Breen Kenda Breen says:

    and there are guys looking for nice girls and can’t find them.

  17. Feel free to pm me,

  18. One moment at a time

  19. Tim Jacklin Tim Jacklin says:

    No need to be lonely. There is always someone willing to put up with someone to greater or lesser degrees. Some ppl actually might enjoy your company to greater or lesser degrees. Lol. Pm me if you like.

  20. Lisa Whelan Lisa Whelan says:

    Yikes. Must get laid.. no judgement, but thats the only relevant advice i can muster.

  21. Kelly Smith Kelly Smith says:

    wait virgin? but no yearning for sexual partner anymore?


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