Where is the bakery in Athlone?

I work in the Athlone neighbourhood.

Almost every morning there is the smell of delicious fresh baked cookies in the air.

Where the heck is it coming from? I would be buying from them daily if I knew where it was coming from!



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  1. Ava Clark Ava Clark says:

    Wellington bakery maybe? It’s on 132 & 132

  2. I’d guess you’re smelling the Kinnikinnik plant just south of the tracks (sadly, I don’t think they have retail at that location)

  3. Maybe a home bakery? A lot of home bakers selling their stuff nowadays. You should google the work address – street and avenue- and add bakery and see if anything pops up.

  4. Tony Johansen says:

    THeres a cookie factory just off yellohead and 127 st. Probably what your smelling

  5. It is a home bakery (not sure exactly where) I live 3 blocks from the school and I smell it every morning when I drop of my kids at daycare. It always smells amazing!!

  6. The bakery in Athlone is not open, it closed down over 10 years ago. But there is a place called Hathaway’s that is GREAT! 132ave & 132 st

  7. Rosa Apple Rosa Apple says:

    Could it be the Italian market up there? They make fresh sandwiches and so on, D’amore Italian deli.

  8. Just NORTH of Yellowhead Trail and about 130 St or so.

    I live right by there too.

  9. Nadia Frank Nadia Frank says:

    I used to live in athlone and smell it too . Forgot about that lol


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