I was driving in st.albert and I saw the car in front of me was swerving and she had her signal light on for at least 10 blocks.

I was going to call 911 because I thought this person was intoxicated. I went around this person SAFELY to see if I could see what was going on and she was wearing a full face hijab. Really?!


I have nothing against Muslims but it’s obviously affecting her driving to the point I thought she was impaired.

I didn’t know what to do so I continued on my way.



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80 Responses

  1. I’ve seen a lot of that. Inability to see anything on their drivers side and I have had some near misses. Not only that, but they also have their cell phone sticking out of the bottom of it. They swerve all over the place and it does look like an impaired driver. You’re absolutely right! Who do you call? You can’t do anything about it and if you do call the police, you’re suddenly racist. No win situation. Up the insurance.

    • Amal Chaaban Amal Chaaban says:

      I’m thinking it could have been called in as driving without due care? I don’t know enough about the law to be honest. Also, having that as a concern does NOT make anyone racist. I hate those bloody niqabs and I was raised in a Muslim house

    • I think the cops will stay away from that as soon as they know what ‘the problem’ is. Certain superstitions enjoy special protection under Trudeau, that nobody dares touch.

  2. Amal Chaaban Amal Chaaban says:

    A full face covering isn’t a hijab. It is a niqab and speaking as someone Muslim raised, not all of us who are Muslim actually like those things. In fact, hijab is what is called for. That niqab is NOT prescribed anywhere in Islam. Just fyi for knowledge.

  3. Should have still called just because of what she was wearing doesn’t mean she wasnt impaired

  4. A hijab doesn’t cover the face. It’s a head scarf. If you feel a driver isn’t aware or is causing a safety issue call 911.

  5. Elham Is Elham Is says:

    I would have reported it, regardless if she was wearing the Niqab or not. I highly doubt she is impaired , but she is definitely putting herself and others at risk while on the road. No one should be treated differently .
    Oh btw this is coming from a Muslim women!!

  6. I’ve been cut off by women wearing the whole thing where you can only see their eyes, that’s what I’m talking about. Dangerous for them to be driving like that.

  7. Nicole Keats Nicole Keats says:

    Ummmmm you automatically assume because they had whatever covering on their face, that that was the reason they were swerving?!!! What the actual F?! Maybe she was intoxicated….or maybe just a bad driver…. but nope it’s automatically because she can’t see because you need a racist reason to cling to…

  8. Glenda GM Glenda GM says:

    I agree. Many of these women wearing these, drive around with their cell phones sticking out. They are so engaged In the conversation that they are driving unsafe.

  9. I’d say,.. separation of traffic and religion. 😉

  10. If it impedes peripheral vision…then it’s an issue period regardless of religion. Puts others at risk. Texting and driving can appear as impaired too…so can just plain crappy driving!

  11. Just call the police and let them deal with any racism.

  12. Ayah Hamade Ayah Hamade says:

    I would have called also. However why do you chalk it up to the niqab? Maybe shes just a bad driver. I can’t imagine what kind of messages this person would have received had he/she claimed bad driver on account of being a woman. Throw in the hijab and ppl are ok with it.

  13. So just because she was wearing a religious covering that disqualifies her from being impaired/intoxicated/or possibly having a medical emergency?
    You should have still called her in. Just cause she’s wearing a facial covering doesn’t give her a pass to have her signal light on for 10 blocks or to swerve all over the road…she should be treated like everyone else…you never know, maybe it was blocking her view, maybe she was impaired, maybe she’s a bad driver, or maybe it was a medical emergency….

  14. Hummm interesting.

    Question: Does the Niqab block peripheral vision?

    When my mother was diagnosed with glaucoma she was no longer able to drive because it had progressed to a point where she had no Peripheral vision. How can one qualify for a drivers license if the niqab blocks the peripheral vision. If so then they are driving illegally.

    So yes it does or no it doesn’t. And if it doesn’t then this driver may actually have been impaired. Call the police!

  15. Ali C Ali C says:

    Maybe she was just a shit driver?

  16. Jeff Gorski Jeff Gorski says:

    If in doubt, call the police. Your fear of societies repercussions got the better of you.

  17. That’s the whole reason I believe they should have to take it off any time you operate a motor vehicle or equipment! I’ve seen them swerving all over the road numerous times, can’t do shoulder checks or anything. YOU are expected to pay attention to them and be ready for them to side swipe you. Honestly. I speed up and pass them as soon as I see them swerving and know why. Yes I’ve reported it to police as drunk driver. They are putting not only their life at risk, but everyone else around them. May as well be driving around a drunk driver. Drunk is some ppl’s religion, right. If they have to take it off for ID and such then they should have to for other things like obstructed vision for operating heavy machinery

  18. Carol Maser Carol Maser says:

    All the more reason to call 911 as she definitely was not driving safely & at the least should’ve received a fine for Distracted Driving!!!

  19. Kelly Smith Kelly Smith says:

    if u can’t wear face masks while driving how is this any diffrent? it affects ur vision

  20. Lexci Krahn Lexci Krahn says:

    If you were such a concerned citizen and you really thought the driver was impaired, you would have still called it in.

    Instead, you’ve taken to an anonymous and inflammatory comment site to perpetuate a hotly debated news topics about women in a niqab or burka.

    I call bullshit on this post.
    What did the police say when you followed up with your civic concern?
    (I personally have never seen a niqabi woman driving a car in Edmonton so this is a pretty rare occurrence as is)

  21. I think this is bait, considering whats going on in Quebec now.

  22. bad drivers come from every race, religion, income class, etc. I’ve been 8 car accidents (largely as a passenger, only once as a driver and even then, the other driver was st fault). and I believe it’s been almost entirely Caucasian drivers who’ve hit the vehicles I was travelling in so I feel I’m talking from personal experience as well.
    Maybe just assume she’s a reckless driver because she’s a reckless driver? It’s not offensive to call out inconsiderate/reckless/illegal actions but it does make you look like a racist for immediately attributing it to her cultural attire. Please Remember we live in Canada, we all know its possible to drive while dressed with every portion of exposed skin covered in a Canadian winter. I’d think a niqab is less restrictive.

  23. Should be removed while driving

  24. Rae Wright Rae Wright says:

    I have a feeling this story is fake, and is only here so the person can be an ass and complain about something he/she can’t control… I call BS! Keep your tiring opinions to yourself.. You’re arrogant and ignorant all in the same breath… and it’s tiring. Conform, or get off the planet already won’t you!!

  25. I would have called without even looking at the person, it doesn’t matter to me who was driving!

  26. I call bullshit, racist ass!

  27. Most of the comments make me sick! First of, this ”whole thing ” is called a Burka. Secondly ,You were all criticizing and laughing at saudi arabia bannig women from driving ( all women wear burka in SA) and now everyone is like ” women wearing burka shouldn’t be driving ”!! Well yeah, schizophrenia speaking !

  28. Kip Chaput Kip Chaput says:

    Yup that’s bullshit. I’ve been hit once already. I can’t wear a hoodie on site at work so they shouldn’t be able to wear that crap while driving!!!

  29. Les Sawers Les Sawers says:

    yada yada yada ya

  30. Marie says:

    1. If there are drivers on the road driving erratically – Call it in; plate, time, location, descriptors – no matter what. EPS is supposed to at minimum contact reg. owner of vehicle to relay complaint(s) observed by others thus bringing it to their attention and putting them on notice

    2. Under no condition should anyone be allowed to drive (where we live) with a blanket over their face, let alone be issued a drivers licence (while being concealed)

    3. As God is my witness… it can’t only be me and other people I know who when driving we encounter/witness the same and/or similar sorts of things — only to discover the one behind the wheel obviously is an immigrant male or female performing various dangerous maneuvers on our roads. They feel entitled somehow to think they own the road, and liberated enough to somehow think they can change the rules …

    We encounter this regularly = Fact! and are left wondering how in the world – who authorized them to get a licence?

  31. Brian Blair Brian Blair says:

    For the last 3 years I have been driving daily on Edmonton streets for almost 8 hours a day. I have seen many near miss accidents and have seen many terrible drivers, not one that I can recall was caused by what someone was wearing. Stop the racist comments please and thankyou.

    • Marie says:

      Kudos to your driving experiences –
      However you need to remember that you are only one driver amongst ________ (how many?) on the road each day.
      Perhaps consider as well, that your driving routes (locations) are different from that of others.
      That’s all – no issue

  32. Sometimes you have to ask the tough questions so here’s one. Does Batman have a lisence? Maybe she’s a Hijaby Super Hero!


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