Any writers interested in a story?


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20 Responses

  1. Kristy Hedin Kristy Hedin says:

    If u have a outline and a story board ready – i can

  2. Amal Chaaban Amal Chaaban says:

    Pm me. I write depending on the story

  3. I want to write a book too!! I have a couple ideas.

  4. I am a much better writer than the rest here. Tell me your story and we can go from there.

  5. I would just find someone who would enjoy writing. I love writing personally but I find myself more into poetry then anything. I have a solid section of poems and eventually would like to put them into a book. I also have been published in a poetry book

  6. My dad is a fantastic writer. His name is Gregory Banks Kennedy. He knows he’s stuff

  7. Ruth Chalk Ruth Chalk says:

    Chris Hawkins any ideas?

  8. Mal Esther Mal Esther says:

    My daughter has her degree in professional writing. She currently works as a copy editor for a magazine. I will pass this onto her. She is fabulous writer and she definitely has a passion for writing (she’s the only person I know who gets very excited about discussing sentence structure, paragraph organization etc).

  9. I’m a professional writer! Feel free to PM me or contact me through my website to discuss your project.

  10. Sarah Inman Sarah Inman says:

    I love writing! I am en English teacher by profession but I write in my spare time. I find it cathartic and energizing.

  11. Amber Morin Amber Morin says:

    You can self publish via KDP. Make sure you get a good editor… Believe me, it matters.
    Also, you CAN do it. Start somewhere and get it out there. Just write… Then YOU edit… Edit, edit, edit….
    Once YOU are satisfied, hire an editor who specializes in your genre.

    You CAN do it

  12. Lora Grass Lora Grass says:



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